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There's no such place as Utopia...
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June 2006
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There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

I'm too tired to think about and/or explain why, as I am not entirely sure at the moment, but I now have an icon journal. This means that I will no longer post my icons here. If you liked my icons, you can friend my icon journal. If you didn't really care for them unless they were from a particular fandom, you can probably still find them in the icon community for said fandom. This way the people who don't want to see a post of my icons in three communities and my own journal will have a little less clutter in their friends list.

Plug utopia_icons

Still working on it, but it looks alright as of now. Only one icon post so far.

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Current Music: You're So Damn Hot - OK Go
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