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There's no such place as Utopia...
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There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

I made a deviantART account. toaster-phantm. Yup. I made a typo and forgot the last "o". XD I'm such a retard.

There's nothing there but a bunch of favorites at the moment. I'll get around to posting something (probably writing) at...some point.

There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

Anyone who A) does not watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, B) does not ship Zutara, or C) has not seen the most recent episode, The Cave of Two Lovers, will probably want to overlook this post.

I'm hopeless...Collapse )

There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

I'm tired now. I was hyper about an hour ago, but the coffee and chocolate finally wore off. I'm going to watch Monty Python (again) and go to bed. I would watch Rent (again), but I'm afraid it would wake up Danielle (my ten year old cousin, who is sleeping in the top bunk). I could watch my Zim DVDs, but A) they're in the other room and I don't want to wake my aunt, and B) I'd get too engrossed and never get to sleep. Monty Python's funny, but it's not as loud or flashy as Zim. (Yet another reason why I'm not going to watch Rent tonight.)

Blah blah blah... v.v Time for bed.

There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

I got bored and made some Invader Zim icons. I also made some for other fandoms, but I haven't made enough to post yet.

Total of 12 icons (3 quote icons, 2 Dib [alone], 3 Dib and Dwicky, 2 Gaz [alone], 1 Gaz and Gir, 1 Keef and Zim [with a variation])


Wait, what do my eyes have to do with breathing?Collapse )

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There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Best movie ever.

Black Knight: “'Tis but a scratch!”
Arthur: “A scratch! Your arm's off!”
Black Knight: “No it isn't.”
Arthur: “Well, what's that, then?” (pointing at ground)
Black Knight: “I've had worse!”

In other news, I have to write more! :0

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There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

Just finished watching RENT, and it seriously pwned.

Sex, drugs, homosexuality, singing... Yup. It's one of the best musicals EVER. (Phantom of the Opera is still the best, though.)

Now I'm watching Sailor Moon episodes rented from Blockbuster with my little cousin. Unfortunately, there's no option to watch the original Japanese, but I guess re-living my childhood isn't so bad, bad dubs or not.

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There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]


The new Avatar season! IT STARTS RIGHT NOW! (East coast, anyways.)

Edit: Aw... Zuko... I just wanna hug him.

Azula's such an arogant bitch. I like her already. :P

Edit 2: They should listen to Katara... I have a bad feeling.

OMG! TEA! XD Aang's hyper!

Edit 3: Wow. These people keep doing really dumb stuff...


...Zuzu? [snickers]

Edit 4:Zuko! T_T Poor gullible Zuko.


Zuko SMILED. Aw... ^_^

Edit 5: OMG. Those people are retards.

Yupyup. They just revealed the plan. GO ZUKO! GO IROH!


Edit 6: Stupid bastard. He's gonna DIIIIIIEEE.

Edit 7: Ouch. Harsh, Azula. HARSH.

Edit 8: Hah hah. Sokka pwnd him.


Aw... It's over...

Edit 9: (last one!)

I saw the previews for next week. Every Zutara fan in the world is going to be in a frenzy. We were hoping... But it's going to be... T_T NYAAAH!

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There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

Because of the recent tragedy, I'm going to my mom's house for a day or two. She says she doesn't want to stay alone at her house. I don't blame her.

I may not update again until Thursday, since she doesn't have internet.

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There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

Title: Beauty in the Dissonance
Fandom: Invader Zim
Character: Tak
Theme set: Alpha
Disclaimer: Invader Zim belongs to the evil mastermind that is Jhonen Vasquez and the unworthy drones at Viacom and Nickelodeon.
Rating: PG or PG-13, depending on how active your imagination is.

(for 1character)

50 sentence fics all about TakCollapse )

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There's no such place as Utopia... [userpic]

ailea tagged me.

I am listing the 5 most effective things to bribe me with. If you get tagged, your mission is to do the same, then tag 5 or more people.

1. COFFEE. Especially frappuccino... Starbucks owns my soul.
2. Pretty fan art. I go all "*_* OMG... SHINY!!!!!!!"
3. Technology - be it DVDs with extras only availible in other countries, an new iPod, a portable DVD player... tech pwns.
4. Books. [Gawd, I'm such a geek] Or fan fiction. Or comic books.
5. Music. Seriously, if you could manage to sing really pretty, you could probably coerce me to jump off of a building.

Who I am tagging:

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